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ATS Bullion Limited
2 Savoy Court

The new company of ATS Bullion, which stands for Alfred Terry Spink, was set up to take over the bullion and modern coin business previously run by Spink. For the first four years of trading, being part of Spink's ex-bullion department, we continued to work within Spink's premises on Southampton Row. However, following the subsequent success and expansion of our company in 2006, we relocated to the prestigious Savoy Court building (right next to the famous hotel and just off the Strand) where we are still trading today.

ATS Bullion is a family company, specialising in the buying and selling of investment grade gold and silver, particularly bullion coins and LBMA-approved gold bars made by Good Delivery refiners.

Our reputation as one of the leading bullion dealers in the UK has been built upon a continuing tradition of excellent customer service and expertise. At ATS Bullion we strive to offer our clients the best possible experience, whether you are buying or selling, and to uphold the traditional values of honesty and integrity. This has helped to establish us as one of the leading names in the UK bullion and modern coin business.

Whilst we are unable to predict the future movement of the gold price, we are always happy to give advice about our various gold products. Our clients appreciate the fact that we always have time for them, no matter how large or small their requirements.

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